Torre de Gomariz Wine & Spa HotelTorre de Gomariz Wine & Spa Hotel

Ritual Massages

Gomariz Inspiration (60 '| € 70.00)

Complete relaxing massage, made with products inspired in the Torre de Gomariz’s vineyards. This massage is an excellent option to relax the body and the mind, providing a relief of the muscular tension and the fatigue of the daily routine.

Green Wine Massage (50 '| € 60.00)

Refreshing and invigorating massage special for those who enjoy sports or appreciate more intense and vigorous manoeuvres of massage, located in the back and limbs, with a glass of green wine Gomariz in the end.

Hot Stones Massage (75 '| € 85.00)

A therapy through heated stones. These provide an excellent sense of well-being, total relief from stress, improvements in concentration, spiritual and emotional serenity. A complete balance between body and soul, not forgetting the therapeutic properties.

Senses Candle Massage (60 '| € 80.00)

A unique massage with gentle and relaxing movements, performed with the oil of a candle (balm) nutritious and moisturising of wonderful aroma. Let yourself be carried away by the sensation of a warm thread that caresses the body and provides a pleasant awakening of the senses.

Sea-Relax Back Treatment (45 '| € 65.00)

It is a treatment for the profound relief of muscular tension of the back, by thermic effect of a thermal mousse and massage. Inspired in the vineyards, provides a well-being feeling, eliminating stress and muscle contractions.

Therapeutic Massage (40 '| € 50.00)

Massage with specific therapeutic manoeuvres that helps to removes the muscle strains. With a clinical aspect, this massage aids in the treatment of muscular tensions and musculoskeletal problems with localised pains, ending with the subtlety of a massage to the scalp.

Romantic Luxury Massage - Duo (60 '| € 130.00)

A real romantic journey inspired by the vineyards. Romantic and invigorating massage for two, in a calm environment, with hot and aromatic oils, sharing a moment of pure pleasure.

Located legs or craniofacial and shoulders massage (30 '| € 40.00)

You can choose between a leg massage for the relief of pain and for those who have discomfort, fluid retention and problems of poor circulation or a relaxing massage performed on the face and scalp, focused on the relief of tension in the cervical and shoulders.

Reflexology (45 '| € 55.00)

Oriental treatment based on the foot reflexes. This therapy helps to relax, improves blood circulation, oxygenation and acts on the nervous system, to balance the body naturally.

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